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"This service is amazing. The interface is intuitive, the news is concise and relevant and the screener is gold." 

Nolan M., 
Momentum Trader
"You guys are the FIRST WITH NEWS!! You give me a head start on trades that would normally either be too late to enter or might even go unnoticed!! Thank you, Benzinga!" 

Eric G., 
Day Trader
"Very complete info. Especially strong on option trading, which is a big deal with traders like me."  

Gerald H., 
Fundamental Trader
 Real-Time Alerts
Instantly receive the latest business reports, financial news, and analysts ratings – no matter where you are or what device you're using.
Stock Screener
Pin down your next stock pick with precise scanning tools.  Discover next big gainers and narrow them down by volume, percent changed over time, and previous close.  Refresh results every 60 seconds.
 Live Audio Squawk
Save time, energy, and screen space without missing a beat.  Audio Squawk streams live every day with breaking news and real-time market updates.
 Market-Moving Exclusives
Benzinga reporters provide inside access to executives, company insiders and analysts, so you can make better decisions – before the market moves.
Fund Details
Search a fund's 13F holdings in real-time.  See how much of each stock they own and track performance so you can make the same trades as legendary funds, like Berkshire Hathaway.
 Custom News Filters
Stream news intelligently with custom sector, keyword, and ticker settings.  Display news only from sources and categories that fit your trading strategy.
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